3 October 2013 Access to Higher Education - University Challenge

Starting at University can be an important and stressful part of any young person's life and can be an even bigger challenge for a young person with a disability. Following the campaign four years ago Trailblazers have revisited access to higher education to find out what support is currently available.

Trailblazers contacted the top one hundred universities in the UK and questioned them on their accessibility. You can view the universities responses in the matrix at the end of the University Challenge report. Not only that but we contacted Trailblazers who are current students or recent graduates to discuss their own experiences and complied a hints and tips guide to university life on subjects from studying to socialising.

Key findings

• only half of universities audited confirmed that all teaching rooms, study rooms and libraries would be fully accessible for students with mobility difficulties
• thirty percent felt limited in where they could choose to study owing to concerns over their care packages
• just a quarter of universities audited have considered disabled students when planning Freshers' week information
• only a third of universities audited have a society representing disabled students in the student union
• sixty percent felt there was not enough information for disabled students on university websites regarding accessible accommodation
• half of universities questioned said that not all inter-campus transport was accessible

Actions needed

We are calling on the Government, local authorities and universities and colleges to:
• • recognise the additional care and support disabled students will need when living independently and make the process clear, consistent and straightforward
• ensure graduation ceremonies are completely inclusive and accessible for all students
• provide additional support and information for disabled students going on work placements and internships
• guarantee that appropriate adjustments will be made so that disabled students can access accommodation, lectures and seminars
• consider access to student union facilities so the experience is as inclusive and accessible as for non-disabled students
• ensure that accessibility is at the heart of the design process for future buildings, and to consult with disabled students and organisations like Trailblazers to ensure it is so
• guarantee appropriate accommodation for disabled students and their personal assistants and address inequalities in paying for carers' rooms
• improve content, quality and accessibility of information for disabled students on

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