2 May 2012 Trailblazers meet with Department for Transport and Labour Leaders

Trailblazers Campaigns Officer Tanvi Vyas represented Trailblazers at a planning meeting at the Department for Transport yesterdaywestmidsphoto.

The Department for Transport recently announced that they are proposing a disability action plan that they aim to produce later in the year. The plan would address some of the concerns that have been raised on transport for disabled people in documents like RADAR's guide Doing Transport Differently and the Trailblazers' Transport Report: End of the Line.

Tanvi reported back that  this initial meeting was very useful and a step in the right and added:

The meeting itself focussed on general challenges and solutions around transport. We discussed  accountability  and website inaccuracies on the train booking Assisted Passenger Reservation Service as well as the difficulties of localism and public transport. We also proposed improving the publicity of complaints procedures for disabled passengers, improving bus designs and the ways to highlight best practice.

Meanwhile, in Birmingham Trailblazer Jagdeep Sehmbi and activist Sarah Rennie attended an event with Labour Leader Ed Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

Jagz said:

I went to a Birmingham Erdington Labour event yesterday hosted by Jack Dromey MP, addressing community issues where local people had the opportunity to pose questions to Labour leader, Ed Miliband, and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. It was a good meeting but frustrating not to be able to ask a question.

To read more about this event see Sarah Rennie's blog on the day's activities here.




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