20 January 2012 Share your local knowledge with disabled tourists

carrie ann tripbodDid you know you have invaluable local knowledge that visitors will happily pay for? Because you're a Tripbod!

As Tripbods we are passionate local people who love where we live and offer to help visitors plan their trip through our website.

Tripbods are working with Tourism for All and Trailblazers to increase the amount of first-hand advice available to disabled visitors. It is an opportunity for all Trailblazers members to become Tripbods and connect directly with disabled visitors, helping them tailor their trip to individual requirements.

Tripbods can help visitors plan their trip online and even offer accompanied activities and experiences - making the whole trip even more personalised!

To learn more visit or email
It's so simple - just share your existing local knowledge with people who are not local and really need advice on how to travel from A to B and where the best places are to visit. The role is paid and a bespoke insurance policy is available.

Tourism for All's Carrie-Ann is already a Tripbod, you can see her profile here:

So join us today, and let's ensure ALL visitors have the information they need for their perfect trip. It's the way travel should be!

Posted by: Bobby Ancil
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