19 January 2011 My Ordeal With M.E.N for a Westlife Concert

At 22, I still haven't been to a concert so when Westlife announced that they were doing one at the M.E.N in March I was thrilled.

Yes there was the issue of transport as usual for me and many other Trailblazers. Thankfully though Francis House Children's Hospice (I attend the 'Lodge' section for those who have moved up from the childrens side 13+) agreed to help me by providing transport and a carer to go with me.

It seemed like a dream come true. Usually transport is my only problem. I phoned my friend Rameeza up right away to come along with me and I was soon on Ticket Master to get the contact info for the Accessible seating.

They don't let you order wheelchair spots on their website but give you a number. So I called it. The guy who answered seemed as if he didn't like his job. Spoke slow and demeaning. Disability ignorance if you ask me. When he looked up the Westlife tickets he proceeded to tell me there were no wheelchair spaces available. He was about to put down the phone when I blurted out 'how about the other dates in March?' He said straight away (as if he didn't go and double check) that there were no wheelchair spaces available on any dates for Westlife and hung up.

I was gutted to say the least. I know with wheelchair spaces you need to book well in advance but I did! I called 5 months in advance. There are still lots of tickets available for Westlife for March for non-wheelchair users which makes me think....how many wheelchair spaces are actually in the M.E.N? Couldn't they have squeezed me in somewhere surely? Move a chair out the way? Something...

Not one to start a fight with the M.E.N myself I thought I'd bring it to Trailblazers to see what they think.


Posted by: Fiona Anderson
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  • Jennifer Gallacher replied on 20 Jan 2011 at 15:49
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    Did you ring the arena direct on 0161 950 5229?

    I have been to the MEN Arena afew times before and there arent alot of wheelchair spaces compared to able bodied seating.
    Wheelchair access tickets will sell immediately so if you dont ring within the first day of ticket release you wont have much hope of getting a ticket im afraid.

    A good way to avoid this is when pre-sales are on as then wheelchair access tickets are generally easier to get with a good view.

    Its the same with other venues and having 1 phone number to ring doesnt give alot of booking options compared to other ppl with phone, internet and box office options!

    I hate it when a gig goes on sale. I spend hours ringing and am always so mad that it takes so long for someone to answer the phone!

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