31 August 2010 Employment and Tourism campaign

Hey all,

I have only just  thought i never finished my blog, so here goes, i wrote most of it 5 weeks ago and the rest today, so enjoy!

Well I thought i would write about my experiences about employment and Tourism for the hopefully Biggest Campaign EVER!!!!

I have always been in Employment since i was 17, I wanted to earn my own money and have some independence, so i applied for a job at Tesco's working on a checkout, I have gained so much confidence and respect for my managers and have become friends with many of my employees.  I worked all the way through college and university.

My employees have been amazing, also becoming Charity of the Year last Year, many staff wanted to learn more about my condition, so with the help of me teaching them about my condition, they learn't my limitations and my passion for change.  Employment for me has been quite easy and very fullfilling, becoming part of team is very important and i have met many friends who i will always stay in touch with.

I have had a great time, but its time to move on so i was on the search for a new job within a different organisation.  I have applied for many, so 3 intervews later, i finally got offered a job for an insurance company, i am very excited and nervous as i have never been in full time employment before, so far they have been amazing, i can't wait for 3 weeks to learn so much more.

On to the tourism campaign, i thought i would come up with the idea, i have been abroad many times before from paris to egypt, i have just back come back off holiday from Mauritius, scuba diving, such an amazing opportunity and beautiful place, it was very accessible so i would definetly reccommend it!  Many of the TB's have told me horriffic stories about wheelchairs being broken, hotels, just the way they are treated, which made me think about a campaign for these issues, so what a fantastic way to come back and find airlines looking into there policies.

So nearly 5 weeks later i have started the new job, having an amazing time, learning so much and EVERYTHING is accessible!!! Have an assessment by the access for work next week, so there is many opprtunities out there, companies and employees just need advice on how to access these.  Full time employment has been a very easy transition and wish many other TB the success they deserve

I am so excited about other campaigns, it just proves that companies really don't understand the importance of these minor issues for them, which to us are very major and need addressing, which has been successful for the past 18months or so, it has been amazing, looking back issues have really been approving (from my point of view).

Well done to everyone for another HUGE SUCCESS!!!


Posted by: Bobby Ancil
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  • James Skelton replied on 1 Sep 2010 at 13:38
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    most us will fail actually.

  • Kimberley Randle replied on 4 Sep 2010 at 19:41
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    thanks for your comment, but most will not fail!, it may take time to achieve what you want, but you can get there!, i think you need to look at your attitude to positivity to achieving goals as if your negitive you won't achieve anything!

  • David Gale replied on 13 Sep 2010 at 11:01
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    To right Kim!!

    I think we have done really well so far with all our campaigns and we seem to be gaining a lot of attention.

    Plus with people like us involved we will make sure nobody forgets were here and maintain this attention and build on it.

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