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17 December 2008 BBC News Item

This article is about a news item I saw on BBC Midlands Today last night, which is distressing so I would like to apologise before beginning for causing any upset.  I feel this is an issue and something that should be discussed otherwise I would not have posted it.

In April this year the police found the body of a disabled man in a suitcase, and two days later his mother was found hanged.  It was found that the disabled man had died sometime in January, and his mother had been lying about her son’s whereabouts up until she was found dead.  Though the young man’s cause of death remains unknown, many issues were raised about the role of Social Services in this case. 

Quotes from BBC News website:

‘A social worker should have been "more assertive" with the mother of a disabled man whose body was later found in a suitcase, an inquest has heard.’

‘Social services were alerted to concerns about a severely disabled man's health months before his body was found in a suitcase, an inquest heard.’

Here are some links to the BBC news website where you can read the full story:

What are your views on this story?

What more should have been done?

Why did the rest of the family not notice anything?

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Posted by: Jagdeep Kaur Sehmbi
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  • Bobby Ancil replied on 23 Dec 2008 at 11:33
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    I remember hearing about this earlier back in April.

    It's undoubtedly a very sad story.

    Although, I obviously know very little about the family dynamics, and wouldn't want to, it does seem as if the mother didn't have the support she needed either during her son's life or at its end. It seems pointless speculating on whether she needed more support or time from her family or from the social services, but she almost certainly felt very alone when he died and for both her and her son that seems wrong.

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